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Monthly Report 15

Technical analysis of player performance

Issue number 15 of the Monthly Report presents the exclusive method to objectively measure the technical performance of players that the CIES Observatory has been developing since 2010. The approach is illustrated by presenting the rankings of the best big-5 footballers in 2015/2016 per both area of the game and position. The Report also identifies the best performing players in comparison to teammates. This type of analysis is particularly useful in unveiling the potential of footballers who do not yet play for the most competitive clubs.

Monthly Report 14

Spotting future stars

As a continuation of the analysis published in February 2015, this Monthly Report presents the experience capital approach developed by the CIES Football Observatory to identify players most likely to succeed in their career. The Report presents the most experienced U23 players taking part in 31 top division leagues of UEFA member associations. The study also highlights the crucial role played by competitions outside of the big-5 leagues in the sporting development of footballers present in these championships.

Monthly Report 13

The fielding of young footballers in Europe

The thirteenth edition of the CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report analyses the evolution of the fielding of young players in 31 European top division leagues. Between 2009 and 2015, the overall percentage of minutes played by U22 footballers has remained stable. However, for young nationals this figure has decreased. This trend reflects the growing mobility of players from a very early age.

Monthly Report 12

Foreign players in football teams

The twelfth Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory analyses the presence of foreign players in 37 top division leagues worldwide: 12 European, 12 Asian, 12 from Latin America and the American MLS. Overall, foreign players represent 26.6% of squads, with a maximum of 66.5% in the English Premier League and a minimum of 6.1% in the Brazilian Serie A.

Monthly Report 11

Squad profile of the best performing national A-teams

Issue number 11 of the Monthly Report compares the profile of 50 national A-team squads at worldwide level from the perspective of age, height, employer clubs and place of birth. The study notably shows the high concentration of talent in the wealthiest leagues. Almost one minute out of two was played by big-5 league footballers. In total, 68.9% of minutes were played by footballers under contract with foreign clubs. England is the only squad who did not field footballers playing abroad.

Monthly Report 10

Relative age effect: a serious problem in football

The tenth Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory analyses the relative age effect on the possibility of a career in football. The study shows that players born in the first months of the year are over-represented among professional footballers. It also highlights the existence of a selection bias favouring players with precocious physical development. The limiting of this phenomenon would reinforce meritocracy in football.

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