The 381st CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post analyses the passing game of goalkeepers from 36 leagues worldwide as per data from InStat. The percentage of long forward passes out of total passes stretches from just 8.2% for Paris St-Germain goalie Keylor Navas up to 83.6% for Paksi FC’s Gergő Rácz. Only goalkeepers who played at least 1’000 domestic league minutes (injury time included) were taken into consideration.
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Raffaele Poli
Roger Besson
Loïc Ravenel
Thomas Gonzalez

The record percentage of long forward passes (at least 40 meters with a span angle of 90°) at big-5 league level was recorded for Burnley FC’s Nick Pope (73.1%) ahead of CA Osasuna’s Sergio Herrera (72.2%). In absolute terms, the greatest value was recorded for Bochum’s Manuel Riemann (27.5 per match on average). Derby County’s Ryan Allsop made the most passes per game (50.0), ahead of Hamburger SV Daniel Heuer Fernandes (48.4).

Goalkeepers passing data heavily reflects the style of play of teams. On a league level, the percentage of goalkeepers’ long forward passes stretches from only 35.7% in the Turkish Süper Lig up to 58.4% in the Scottish Premiership. High figures were also recorded in the Argentinean Liga Profesional (47.5%) and the English Championship (49.0%). More technical data from InStat is exclusively available in the CIES Football Observatory Performance Stats tool.

% of long forward passes, goalkeepers, 36 leagues worldwide

Season 2021/22 or 2022, at least 1000 domestic league minutes until 10/05/2022. Data: InStat.